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Topics To Explore With Young Readers


Create a map showing the location of the places mentioned in the book:

Walhachin, Thompson River, Highways, Deadmans Creek, Cache Creek, Kamloops, Ashcroft, Vernon. 

Create a map showing, highways railways and major rivers in British Columbia. 

Locate Walhachin on a map of British Columbia

Blank Map of British Columbia here


History of Orchards in British Columbia

World War I - British Columbians

Patterns of settlement in British Columbia

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The Ghost of Walhachin is a historical fiction novel for young readers.  Not only does the engaging fictional adventure of the characters encourage students to discover the joys of reading, the historical and environmental facts in the novel provide many lauch points for exploration and discussions in other subject areas.


Learn to play cribbage

Modified cribbage for younger students

Hold cribbage tournament


Draw a scene from the book

Draw a healthy plant and a wilted plant.

Make paper boats

Paint or cut images to make a collage of things that grow in an orchard.


Compare average temperatures in Walhachin to local average temperatures, or temperatures in other locations.


Grow plants and observe how often they need water.

What do wilted plants look like compared to healthy plants?

Examine and dissect cactus to see what is inside. 

Make popsicles: Does hot liquid freeze faster than cold? Do things melt slower in the shade? If wrapped in paper? 


Snakes found in central B.C.





What type of cactus are found in central B.C. and how do they survive long hot summers?  What do they taste like?

What makes a tumbleweed?

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